The idea behind the Rowmore 5.5 was first brought to light in cross country ski slopes in Åre Sweden when Sten Edström met Oscar Södergren. As it turns out they had both been thinking about rowing.

After crossing paths on skiis a few more times, Sten decided to turn the idea into reality and the design proccess was started. 

The idea of capturing the sensation of human powered speed in a recreational boat, expressed in beautiful form, resulted in the Rowmore 5.5.

Along the way innovative ideas such as the sliding rigger and a, unik to rowing, hull shape took form. The project gained an amazing asset when it caught the attention of 4x Swedish Champion Anders Backéus who went on to become an integral part of the team providing insite for design and development.  

Sten Edström 


Engineer and entrepreneur from the construction industry, Sten started a business based on self-invented patents for using GRP as a building material. His love for watersports started with sailing at a young age and he also developed a liking to kayaking and rowing. The passion for rowing and the firm belief that rowing is one of the best forms of exercise are the reasons behind the development of Rowmore. The idea behind Rowmore was to create a stable, safe and fast rowing boat for year-round use, which is achieved by a strong, light-weight and self-draining hull. 

Rowmore Team

Oscar Södergren


Oscar Södergren is an industrial designer, educated at Konstfack University, with a focus on yacht design. Oscar has a portfolio of yacht design work ranging classic yachts such as the Swede 68 to cutting edge modern performance yachts such as the Shogun 50 and 43, along with power boats such as the Agapi 800. Common for all his work is the performance focus. While big boats have their charm, Oscar has always had a soft spot for small recreational crafts and water sport. Rowing has been a design frontier he has wanted to explore for some time.

''Rowing captures that awesome sensation that human-powered sports deliver. The boat becomes an extension of your body and you feel close to the water, moving along in silence by your own power. Designing a fast, versatile and easy to handle boat was the perfect challenge. The fact that it is a great way to excersice and enjoy nature is central to the concept.'' -Oscar Södergren    

Anders Backéus

Insights, Testing and development

Anders Backéus has been Sweden's for several years. His 7.34 l/min in VO2max capacity is the highest measured value in Swedish sports history! In addition, his personal record on the Concept2 rowing machine places him as the second fastest rower ever in Sweden. 

Anders lives in Vaxholm and competes for Vaxholms Roddförening. He came in contact with the sport for the first time in the autumn of 2008, when he moved to Uppsala to study for a master's degree. As a graduate engineer in chemical engineering he can also call himself a multiple Swedish champion, European & World championship competitor. 

”Rowing is a unique sport, with a tradition that stretches far back in time. It is a very special feeling when you work with your entire body on top of the water surface. Rowmore makes it possible for anybody to capture that feeling.” - Anders Backéus